Subject: Re: sysctl items defined at attach time
To: Gordon W. Ross <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 08/29/1996 14:15:41
Gordon suggested:
> You could just add a new ioctl code that is truly device specific.
> That is what ioctl was designed for, after all...

True, but I was hoping to use a standard system utility (sysctl or stty)
to set the behavior. They are the places people will look for system
settings (well, more likely than a port-specific utility). The more I
think about it, the more I like the idea of just adding another flag
to the CFLAGs. This flag (regardless of how it is manipulated) will
affect how CRTSCTS behaves. Keeping it in the same int makes it easy
to find.

Take care,