Subject: Re: m_get(), MGET(), and MGETHDR() with M_WAIT
To: Paul Kranenburg <>
From: Chris G Demetriou <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/05/1996 16:52:37
> > > It appears that it can, given that kmem_malloc() in vm_kern.c can.
> > 
> > no, malloc(... M_WAIT) _cannot_ return NULL.  Like i noted, that's the
> > current implementation, and i'm not as much concerned about that as I
> > am about what the code using m_get(... M_WAIT ...) _should_ be doing.
> Agreed. In addition to `this should be fixed' I actually intended to write
> `and shouldn't alter our 'well-documented' definitions'..

*chuckle*  Uh, actually, as things are right now, malloc(... M_WAIT)
_cannot_ return NULL.  Not "it's defined to not," it will never do so
with the current implementation.

re: fixing the kmem_malloc() panic: well, i'm working on that.  That's
what got me to asking these questions.  (I noticed what code was doing
with MGET, etc., even though it was unrelated, and it made my
uncomfortable. 8-)