Subject: Re: Quick Q's about 4.4 vs 4.3, fs code
To: None <>
From: John S. Dyson <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/14/1996 23:28:45
> We still have two significant bugs that I know of in our port.  One is that
> we dont sync EXT2FS properly on shutdown, and additionally there is a problem
> under loading.  I will probably get time to fix it VERY SOON, if you start
> working on it soon (to lend a hand, and to get the FreeBSD version fixed.)
> If you want, just let me know...
BTW, I realize that the last sentence in the previous paragraph might be
considered to be arrogant...  SORRY.  I meant to say that I am willing to
lend a hand to you and get the FreeBSD fixed simultaneously.  Sorry for
any misgivings.