Subject: Re: TIOCGPGRP
To: matthew green <>
From: Jason Downs <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/09/1996 20:01:08
In message <>,
	matthew green writes:
>   So, stupid question time: is there any good reason for not even allowing ro
>   to call TIOCGPGRP on any tty?  It's rather useless if you can only get the
>   process group of your own controlling tty.
>i don't have an answer, but, this seems somewhat related to 
>the change from BSD getpgrp() to POSIX getpgrp() 4.4 gave
>us ..  i've proposed that we have a getpgid() call that
>is identical to the old getpgrp() (and also happens to be
>compatible with svr4 :-).
>if this is ever added, TIOCGPGRP could perhaps be changed also.

Well, for the client I needed this for, I just changed the 1 line in tty.c
to allow root to call TIOCGPGRP for any tty.  It seems _very_ silly to 
restrict the ioctl/tcgetpgrp() to one's own controlling tty.

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