Subject: Re: Disklabel oddity
To: None <>
From: Wolfgang Solfrank <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 04/20/1996 19:39:53
> So, I don't suppose there is a way to differentiate betweeen a multisession
> and a faux-multivolume CD-ROM, is there?

I think so. But not yet having seen such fake multisession CDs, I can't say
for sure.

> Okay, here's where I get a bit confused.  The TOC on the disk shows a bunch
> of data tracks.  Are the data tracks different from the sessions, or are
> they one-in-the-same?  Are sessions a layer above data tracks?  Will a
> 3-session CD-ROM show 3 data tracks?

No, you can have multiple tracks in one session (but not the opposite).
Between the sessions, there is quite a lot of space that can't contain any

> If you have any place where this is all explained, please point me to it!
> I've been digging around lately, but I haven't found much info about
> sessions yet.

You can get the relevant documentation (the various colored books) from Philips.
Try this address:

Bert Gall
Philips Consumer Electronics
Coordination Office Optical & Magnetic Media Systems
Building SWA-1
P.O. Box 80002
The Netherlands

They charge some fee for the docs, I seem to remember something like 50 $,
but my memory could be wrong here.

Hope it helps,
ws@TooLs.DE     (Wolfgang Solfrank, TooLs GmbH) 	+49-228-985800