Subject: Re: Real time scheduling in the kernel
To: Brett Lymn <>
From: Eric S. Hvozda <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/13/1996 09:43:13
On Wed, 13 Mar 1996 13:25:10 +1030 (CST) wrote:
>         I have a mate that is wanting to know if there is any support for
> real time processes in the kernel - that is a process that, once
> started, is guarenteed to run to completion without interruption.  My
> mate says that he was talking with a guy who was hacking on the kernel
> before 4.2bsd came out and this guy was saying that putting the
> support in was no big deal.

NetBSD doesn't have it; but FreeBSD is getting an initative underway
on POSIX Real Time compliance.  There's a mailing list on the topic.
Check out the lists served by for more