Subject: Re: Re[2]: Majordomo problems
To: Bill Studenmund <>
From: David Gilbert <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/07/1996 23:07:55
>>>>> "Bill" == Bill Studenmund <wrstuden@loki.Stanford.EDU> writes:

>>  Take me off this list.  I have asked and asked and asked.
>> I no longer want ANY netBSD messages to go to this address.
>> I have sent unsubscribe messages to majordomo and majordomo-owner.

Bill> I'm not in a position to help, but I'd request that someone try
Bill> to help this person out. About a month ago, the linux-ppc
Bill> mailing list self-destructed because majordomo (on that machine)
Bill> was broken and not unsubscribing people. So the people got
Bill> really mad, and started saying all sorts of ugly, unproductive
Bill> things, leading to the list's death. I'd be very saddened if
Bill> something like that happened here.

	Just my $0.02: Personally, after evalutating list software on
the net, I install procmail/smartlist.  It seems to be a completely
better system.  It does lack _some_ of the remote admin features of
majordomo, but it wins majorly in machine hit per message.

	It also appears to be smarter...