Subject: Re: Of SCSI disks and things amiss
To: Greg Hudson <>
From: Michael Graff <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/29/1996 15:30:25
>Questionable.  We still need the BIOS geometry for, say, fdisk, and
>fdisk will retrieve the geometry recorded in the label.

Aren't there two cases here?

1)  The disk is being shared with other OS's, and these other OS's
    are relying on the CHS notation (DOS, perhaps SunOS?  I dunno.)

2)  The disk is completely NetBSD.

In the #1 case, you WANT to use the CHS notation usually.  There are
``rules'' that make it possible to share with other OS's.

In the #2 case, who cares.  Use the whole disk.

>> b) make the warning from disklabel(8) non-fatal.

I thoguht warnings were, by definition, non-fatal.  :)


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