Subject: Re: how kernel deals with suid scripts
To: Travis Hassloch x231 <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/29/1996 16:06:53
>Just like it says.  How does it deal with suid scripts?
>Any thoughts on optimal situations?  Passing as open FD 0?

I believe if you grep around /sys/kern for SUIDSCRIPTS, you'll find some
interesting comments, but I'm not sure if all that stuff works.

>IMHO, there should be a "porter's FAQ", telling you about how to configure
>software... note that I'm not volunteering to write it :) not yet anyway.
>Topics should include the stdio library, overlapping memcpy's, everything
>about file locking, subsystems like mail, the major gid's and how they are
>utilized, and all the stuff PERL tests for in Configure :)

Heh.  The _big_ thing is deleting all private declarations of sys_errlist
(well, the private declarations of _most_ system functions, actually).  That
and include unistd.h so the proper prototype for lseek() are the two big