Subject: Re: nore on disk stats
To: Jon Buller <>
From: Perry E. Metzger <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/14/1995 00:30:52
Jon Buller writes:
> Perhaps what is needed is a program like 'autoconf' on Pyramid's
> DC/OSx (their SVR4 alike)  It prints out *everything* the OS knows
> about the hardware config, and the drivers, etc.  It also has a
> flag to output a machine parsable version instead of something more
> human readable.  All their install scripts grep through the output
> of autoconf to find things...

Actually, Jason Thorpe has given me a program that walks the kernel
tables and gets all of the information very cleanly -- even
automatically tells you whats a disk, whats a network interface,
etc. I sill need an interface to extract disk geometry information,
but given that I'll have about everything I need in order to
prrogramatically extract all the information one needs for
installation purposes, and in a port independent manner, too! 

Unfortunately, all of this is way too late for 1.1Alpha -- but I have
made a few tiny little quality of life changes for the install
floppies that might yet make it in.