Subject: Re: another kdump problem
To: None <>
From: Niklas Hallqvist <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/18/1995 10:35:27
>>>>> "Niklas" == Niklas Hallqvist <> writes:

>>>>> "Charles" == Charles Hannum <> writes:
Niklas> 3 When not in append mode and when running on a kernel that
Niklas> supports the sysctls, ktrace will output a header containing a
Niklas> magic number and the emulation/syscall table in the ktrace.out
Niklas> dump.

Charles> I'm not sure this is right.  When appending or using `-i' to
Charles> trace children, more than one process may be represented in
Charles> the ktrace file.  It seems to me that you need a special
Charles> record for the syscall list, tagged with a pid and recorded
Charles> internally to kdump(1) by pid, and allow for the syscall list
Charles> to be replaced (i.e. after execve(2)).

Niklas> But I do, in a way.  I dump *all* syscall lists into the file
Niklas> initially.  Kdump maintains a pid->emulation mapping, with a
Niklas> default of the native "netbsd" emulation used when a new pid
Niklas> is seen.  Whenever an EMUL record is seen in the stream the
Niklas> mapping is changed.  This works fine as all syscall lists are
Niklas> available.

Niklas> Further comments?

I got no other comments, so I've put up my work for ftp, URL:
Please review and/or try it, and comment!

I'm also setting up a page with some descriptions of all my NetBSD
work and links to the FTP archive, it's at URL:
For the moment it's not entirely updated, but it's a ground to start
from if you're curious of what local patches I use...
Some of them I *will* send-pr sometime soon...


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