Subject: Re: Assming char == signed char - example ...
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/20/1995 11:35:54
Andrew Cagney writes:
 > Excerpts from mail: 19-Jun-95 Assming char == signed char?
 > (1827)
 > > Any chance of telling us where your example came from ;-)
 > Perhaphs I should have written it `(char)(-1)'.  Still going by the
 > ongoing exchange the below was close enough.  Oh and I couldn't exactly
 > miss it, the compiler gave a warning ...
 > What are you going to do with the ones you found?  I suspect that they
 > could be useful to others.

I gather they'll filter back to the generic sources, we've a few changes that
need to be made (generally adding defined(arm) to a list of other defined()s)
as well as a few small code sections guarded with #ifdef arm.

Our portmaster is almost ready (I think) to insert out arch directory into
the current sources. But I'd imagine we'll wait until we're confident we've
found most of the signed char problems before intergrating back into any m/c
independent code.

 > 			regards, Andrew
 > (Just don't mention the rugby^D^D^D^D^Dwar ... :-)

Did we lose then ? ;-)

Cheers Scott

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