Subject: Re: sun-lamp CVS commits
To: matthew green <>
From: Frank van der Linden <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/12/1995 19:33:23
Quoting matthew green,

> there is a lot of duplication in the code here, and the biggest problem
> we have in making a libcommon (or what ever) each compat can all use
> that i can see is use of global variables (which won't be hard to fix,
> just boring).

Actually, when it comes to this particular part: Christos & I agreed that
the ELF code should be moved to kern/exec_elf.c, as soon as I got Linux
ELF binaries working. So this will be the next step in this case. I will
work on this the coming week.

The other piece of common code are the emul-path subroutines. Currently,
ibcs2 and Linux use my somewhat broader scheme of emulation path
semantics, and SunOS & Svr4 use Christos' original scheme. There has
been a discussion about this on tech-kern some while ago, with the
outcome that the code should be common, but not on which semantics
are preferred. As soon as this has been resolved, it is very easy to
make something like /sys/compat/common/compat_path.c or something like that.

- Frank