Subject: Machine-independent device drivers
To: None <>
From: Ignatios Souvatzis <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 04/14/1995 18:22:33
Frank van der Linden writes:

   Which brings us to something else: bounce buffers. It would be nice
   if MI code for ISA would deal with this. This digs a little deeper than
   just device drivers of course. But if ISA devices are going to be used
   for several ports of NetBSD, solving this problem will become more

No... these should be defined even more machine independent.

E.G. devices on the Amiga Z2 bus can't dma write at physical adresses
over 0xFFFFFF. 

The bounce buffer copy routines would just be depended upon by drivers
which need them, of course, so thats no problem. But we could save
lots of code duplication I guess.