Subject: Re: NetBSD on PowerPC?
To: Joachim Isaksson <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/30/1995 08:22:13
> As a matter of fact I've been in contact with Motorola about getting added 
> to their 'big bend' developers programme to be able to borrow a machine to 
> start a port. I've not heard anything for sure yet, and since I can't
> guarantee I can finish the port I'd feel bad accepting any money to start
> one.

I, too, have been spending time talking to different vendors to
try to get a loaner, but it looks like you're having more success.
I'm also trying to scrape together the money to purchase a mid-size
PC (486DX2/80 w/PCI, prob.) for cross-development (cross-compiling
for a PowerPC on one of my Macs would take more patience than I have
left at this point ;-).  But I'm also already overworked and don't
know if I'd make enough progress to justify receipt of any funds.  I
would be looking for another mac68k port-master, that's for darn sure.

So far, my progress has been almost exclusively to round up
documentation and call or e-mail anyone I can find who might
have a loaner.  I'm about to make a post to comp.sys.powerpc
to see if I can dig one up that way...  ;-)

I really do want to see the port done to PR*P/CHRP and I do
want to work on it, myself, if I can round up a machine and


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