Subject: Re: NetBSD on PowerPC?
To: Ty Sarna <>
From: Joachim Isaksson <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/30/1995 09:33:54
> In article <>,
> George Neville-Neil  <> wrote:
>> 	I'm just wondering if anyone has ported NetBSD to the PowerPC?
>>     I didn't see anything like this on the WWW server.
> People keep asking about it but nobody's doing it.  So, I suggest that
> those who want it either do it, or put there money where there mouth is. 
> I can't do it myself (no time, can't afford equip yet, not sure I know
> enough to write a pmap, etc.), but I'll offer $100 to the core team to
> either do a port to PReP or to redistribute to someone else who they
> trust to do the work.  If enough other people are willing to do that,
> they can buy a PReP machine (Moto sells a very complete 604 based board
> for $1200 or so -- add ram and SCSI disk and you're set, or even boot
> from the net to begin with.  A very minimal system for use as a target
> for cross development could be built for $1600 or so, less if you can
> use spare parts lying around). 
> Anyone else willing to do more than talk?

As a matter of fact I've been in contact with Motorola about getting added 
to their 'big bend' developers programme to be able to borrow a machine to 
start a port. I've not heard anything for sure yet, and since I can't
guarantee I can finish the port I'd feel bad accepting any money to start
one. (Basically I'm looking for a full time job and I have no clue if I
can keep net access as easily from wherever I get one)
If Motorola can assist with a machine, I hope I can at least get the port
to single user mode before I have to 'leave' here though. (and my economy 
will hopefully clear up enough to let me buy a machine to go on if needed)
If anyone else has the required hardware and could start the port right away
it would be even better though, since I might get a job before I can get a
hold of the hardware... :/

						/Joachim Isaksson