Subject: Re: Puzzling questions about FFS
To: Kim Andersen <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/28/1994 16:23:20
>I must say that i haven't seen any problems with FFS, even when abusing
>the file-system eg. removing power during massive writes.

And that, I think, speaks louder than anything else I have ever seen on the
subject.  In my years as a system administrator, I've never seen an
unrecoverable filesystem failure that wasn't due to hardware problems (but
maybe I've been lucky).

Other data points: I have a friend who used to run Linux; he regularly trashed
his filesystem.  He hasn't had a problem since he's switched to NetBSD.  I have
another friend who's girlfriend runs Linux at work; a few months ago one of
her partitions just got trashed out of the blue.  (By "trashed" I mean that
they had to newfs and load everything back onto the affected partition).

Now I don't know which versions of Linux they were running, so take this data
with a grain of salt.  Perhaps this sort of thing doesn't happen anymore.