Subject: question...
To: None <>
From: Chuck Van Tilburg <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 07/28/1994 11:47:03
...due to limited funds, I must attempt to make use of a notebook in a
docking station (486DX2/66 8MB RAM) with PCMCIA ethernet (XIRCOM) and modem 
(HAYES Optima 14.4/14.4 data/fax) and a Future Domain 950 SCSI controller.  
The scsi controller is fixed at its location and irq.  The only other quirck 
is that the modem and ethernet do not seem to like each other; strange things 
happen when both are active; at least under dos/windows.

I obviously need at least a kernel that supports the 950 to get access to my 
scsi devices to install NetBSD-current.  I have grabbed the PCMCIA stuff
at but have no idea if my PCMCIA chip is an intel
or not and really would like to use the network to install (copy) the
NetBSD-current (1.0-ALPHA) binaries and source I have installed elsewhere
on our LAN.  The only other snag I can think of is that I have no way of
turning off my lpt port if that is necessary (interrupt type).

I still lack any 950 support although I have heard that it is there for 
FreeBSD-current; can I make use of that stuff?  Is there anyone out there in 
a similair (solved) situation or knows of any expedient way to get this done?
One of the major problems with notebooks is that you can't reconfigure much 
of anything.

I am referencing the Jul 16 -current.  My apologies if any or all of this is
solved in the most recent -current.  I haven't had the time or really
the facilities yet to start up SUP.  Any help or pointers will be greatly

LONG LIVE NetBSD!  The tyranny of USL is finally beaten!  A glorious
future awaits!


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