Subject: Re: Questions about and suggestions for kernel.
To: None <,>
From: Wolfgang Solfrank <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/16/1994 21:09:22
> Memory Management
> -----------------
> Q: On what version of the MACH kernel is the virtual memory management based?
> Comment:
>    We have been comparing the MACH 3.0 memory management with the NetBSD 0.9
>    version, and the MACH kernel's code for memory management seems much simpler.
>    Has there been any discussion about updating the memory management in NetBSD?
>    This would probably also improve the portability of NetBSD, the pmap module
>    in the 0.9 version (which as far as we can see is basically unchanged in 
>    current) is rather unstructured and seems to contain parts that are machine
>    independent, and really should be in the generic part of the code.

All *BSD ports based on Net/2 code are based on MACH 2.x (2.5, if I'm not
mistaken), as far as I can tell. I've already thought on changing this to
use the MACH 3 code as this way you would get two OSs for the price of one
when porting :-), but I didn't get around to even investigate the cost of

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