Subject: Re: '@' expansion in the kernel. (was Re: kernel vs boot-program)
To: Jan-Simon Pendry <>
From: Ty Sarna <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/15/1994 15:33:02
Jan-Simon Pendry wrote:
> it doesn't matter how many features you stuff in with @sys, @arch,
> @hack-me-harder or whatever.  you just don't need them.  plan your
> filesystems better instead.

Union mounts don't solve the same set of problems.

I remember someone saying the multiple group membership wasn't needed
either. Strictly speaking, it isn't. It makes many things a whole lot
easier to deal with, though.

Some people think job control is a hack. "You don't need it, you just
need a better multiplexed interaction scheme".

Small hacks like this that solve a problem in a quick and easy way are
in the BSD tradition. 

> if you add @ processing to vfs_lookup then sooner or later someone
> will post the patches for a kernel loadable rfc822 parser.
> and someone else will want to use it too...

If you add vfs to unix, then sooner or later someone will want to
implement awful things as a vfs.  If you write Unix, someone will write
bad programs for it.  Invent computers, and someone will invent MS-DOS. 

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