Subject: Re: path component substitutions (was diskless booting)
To: Peter Galbavy <>
From: John Brezak <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/15/1994 09:21:10
> > >What's wrong with multiple ./obj.$ARCH links in the source tree?  Works fine
> > >for me.  eg:
> > >	/usr/src/bin/cat/obj.i386 -> /usr/obj.i386/bin/cat
> > >	/usr/src/bin/cat/obj.icm3216 -> /usr/obj.icm3216/bin/cat
> > 
> > perhaps it is time for someone who actually DOES compile out of
> > one source tree on multiple platforms to step forward.
> You rang ? I used to, until yesterday, use one source tree for the i386 and
> sparc ports. I changed, 'cause I *slowly* migrating NFS server services to
> the sparc.
Here is a way to use '@sys' for this. Say you have a fast fileserver that
you keep most things on - like /usr/src and /usr/obj . And you want to
share /usr/src for multiple architectures and use /usr/obj on the fast
fileserver. In the /usr/src tree you create you "obj" symlinks as
obj -> /usr/obj/@sys . Then in the /usr/obj tree you would have a tree
for /usr/obj/i386_netbsd09a, /usr/obj/hp300_netbsd09a, /usr/obj/sparc_netbsd09a,
etc. Now you mount /usr/src and /usr/obj on you i386, hp300, and sparc systems
and 'cd /usr/src' and make.

Needless to say AFS and DFS have this and it widely used in there.

As I recall '@sys' is legal only in symlinks.

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