Subject: Re: kernel vs boot-program
To: Adam Glass <>
From: John Brezak <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/14/1994 14:36:30
> > > i' just got finished adding the bootparam code to your stuff.  Also
> > > added some reverse arp support.
> > 
> > Oh.  I guess I'm too late to try to instigate a discussion.
> > I look forward to having the new functionality.
> > 
> Not true.  discussion useful.  I'm still not entirely sure its the
> right thing to do.  and it certainly  isn't in the tree yet.
> > One question though:
> > Will I still be able to boot diskless without any bootpararmd server?
> > I'd rather not have to port bootparamd to my SysVr4 server.
I'd say this is a requirement. Bootp too.

> > 
> > Gordon
> well you can implement nfs_boot() also using a kernelized client
> bootp, but i haven't done that and figured someone else would.
You don't need too much from it. I've got a simple one derived from the
libnetboot in the libsa I've been hacking up. But getting a swap path
is a problem with bootp, but...

> the idea would be that nfs_mountroot() doesn't care about hte
> protocols used.
> nfs_boot() would have n-supported pprotocols: bootparam, bootp, ?*

> later,
> Adam
Discussion -ok, here goes.

I'd like to see any prior knowledge of swap removed and done via swapon. I've
never quite understood the need for config having to compile all potential
swap devices in. Maybe there is a need to swap in order to run swapon - not
that I've seen on Mach based systems... It would be great to be able to have
generic kernels especially for diskless.

Another point is to allow the use of bootp for diskless boot configuration.
Especially once the DHCP extention to bootp becomes common place, the kernel
should use this to obtain config info to provide defaults - kinda like

	/sbin/ifconfig le0 -dhcp

And everything just gets configed - inet addr, netmask, etc... Diskless systems
get this without the manual ifconfig.

BTW- Has anyone taken a look at the libsa with net support I put on sun-lamp ? This
	has alot of the parts needed for the boot program -although much of what I
	hear now (let the kernel do the lookups :-) simplify some parts of the
	boot programs. This is good because I didn't write that part yet anyway.

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