Subject: Re: Making UFS optional
To: Theo Deraadt <>
From: Dirk Steinberg <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/05/1994 12:58:52
>>>>> "Theo" == Theo Deraadt <> writes:

    Theo> Actually, I want to tell everyone and remind Chris of a
    Theo> problem we ran into with libkern.

    Theo> Chris wrote an LKM which he loaded into the kernel. It
    Theo> needed strncpy, but strncpy is in libkern. Hence strncpy
    Theo> wasn't there, and the LKM load failed.

    Theo> This points out a rather silly problem with having these
    Theo> functions be in libkern.. any thoughts from anyone?

If random LKMs rely on functions in libkern, that implies that all of
libkern must be in the kernel regardless of the particular
configuration. Since linkern is relatively small right now, this
should be no major loss. This could be achieved by doing 
"ld -r -o libkern.o *.o; ar rcv libkern.a libkern.o" instead of
"ar rcv libkern.a *.o".


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