Subject: Re: Making UFS optional
To: None <>
From: Wolfgang Solfrank <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/04/1994 18:54:27
> 	In an attempt to stir up some more user complaints of the type
> 	"my kernel doesn't build any more" :-), I'm going to make ufs
> 	(more or less) optional.
> well, if it's not totally optional, then it's not optional,
> but perhaps it should be done.  do people really want diskless
> systems these days?

I do think so. "More or less" in the context above meant that currently it's
not that easy to get a different root filesystem.

> 	Then there are the iftovt_tab & vttoif_tab tables, that are
> 	used (due to semantic extension of the nfs protocol) by nfs,
> 	too. This will go into a separate file in the ufs directory
> 	and be made optional on ufs or nfsserver.
> in 4.4, these are already in kern/vfs_subr.c.

IMHO, these tables don't belong in filesystem independent code, as they are
normally used only by ufs. The only exception is some late semantic change
in nfs (apparently introduced by Sun to support diskless operation with
nfs-mounted root/swap instead of the previous net-disk) requiring this table
in the nfsserver case.

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