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ipv6 install

(sorry, posted to wrong place)

I do all my NetBSD installs in networking environments with ipv6
router advertisements, and I just noticed what is happening in the
installer (6.1.x and -current) is that when you say you want ipv4
autoconfiguration it actually enables ipv6 autoconf too. If you say no
to ipv6 autoconf after that, it actually still does the install over
ipv6 anyway.

If you say you do want ipv6 autoconf, it does the rest of the install
with annoying messages saying "in6_ifadd: 2a01:...:e49a is already
configured" popping up over what you are doing.

Is the intention that ipv4 autoconf excludes v6, or is it that the
ipv6 autoconf is designed for other mechanisms (dhcpv6?).


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