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Re: Problems installing NetBSD 6.1.2 on IBM 4910-T3S

Am 07.01.2014 18:28, schrieb David Brownlee:
On 7 January 2014 10:04, Marc Balmer <> wrote:
When I install NetBSD 6.1.2 from CD-ROM on an IBM 4910-T3S (older
SurePOS 300 model) with a WDC400ABJS 40 GB harddrive, the installer does
not detect the drive geometry and asks me to specify it.

The installer then proceeds and installs everything the usual way, but
when I reboot the system, the primary FFSv2 bootstrapper exits with
errno 5, Can't open /boot.

Another bug in the installer is that when I select the swiss german
keyboard layout it will not switch the layout.  But I can enter
wscontrol -w encoding=sg by hand on the shell from the utility menu and
that works.

Any ideas on how to install NetBSD 6.1.2 on this machine are appreciated.

[dmesg etc]

My guess would be an oddball BIOS or a bug in NetBSD with a slightly odd BIOS.

I assume the disk works fine in another box?

As a data point does a (much) earlier version of NetBSD detect the disk OK?

NetBSD 5.0.x installed just fine, and an upgrade to 5.1.3 went smooth (though we did not update the bootloader).

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