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Re: sysinst with Lua support

> It would be better to mention more details:

I added the file README.Lua, which is in the diff, to give some idea
what this is about.  More comments inline.

>  - is there any user visible changes on installation itself?

No, at least not yet.  Since no default Lua script is shipped, the
default install process will run.  The goal however is to drive the
installation process from a Lua script.  The default Lua script to be
shipped with sysinst would implement the installation process as it is
now, so without any user visible changes again.

>  - how flexible with lua (i.e. what was so annoying with past menuc/msgc)

The message system as is not very flexible, to say the least.  And when
you provide e.g. a site specific install script, you also want to have
the messages in this.  With Lua, it is very flexible.

>  - how much space is required to put lua based sysinst binaries 
>    i.e. is it possible disalbe whole lua support for poor ports
>    which have only floppy based install media?
>    USE_LUA variable in arch/*/Makefile helps?

Lua is a actually quite small, ~181KB on amd64.  The USE_LUA knob is a
leftover from when I did not yet add liblua to the list files in install
kernels.  I will eventually remove that.  Right now, this means adding
some KB to install media, but in the future, some existing code can be

>    -llua in LIBS is mandatory even for miniroot or ramdisks?

Yes, because the crunched binary contains sysinst.

I hope this clarifies your questions,

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