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Re: sysinst with Lua support

Am 02.11.13 14:51, schrieb Marc Balmer:
> I put a first (actually, second) diff on
> to make sysinst
> scriptable with Lua.  The basic idea is that you can ship one or more
> Lua scripts on the install media, and when sysinst starts, it will
> execute this scripts.  The scripts can then either modify the
> installation process or take over the control of the installation
> process completely.
> See the file README.Lua for general comments, english.lua and german.lua
> for an idea how message catalogs can be defined, sysinst.lua for helpful
> functions (especiall substituting @@name@@ variables in messages) and
> installer.lua, customize.lua, and pkg.lua for installer examples.
> Feedback very welcome.

A slightly updated version is available at

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