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A NetBSD system installer with Lua scripting, i18n

NetBSD- and Lua-Users

I am working on NetBSD system installer extentions for sysinst that allows 
sysinst to be scripted in Lua.  The basic idea is that an installation script 
can be shipped with the install media (or put on a netinstall server) that 
drives the installation process (or parts thereof).  If no such script is 
present, the standard way of the installation procedure will run.  A sample 
script I wrote, e.g. can install and configure pkgsrc packages during the 
install procedure.

It has been particularly "difficult" to deal with sysinst's i18n system, for 
example message strings would need a space at the end if the message is 
continued on the next line.

An earlier version of my sysinst changes used i18n written in C, but I think it 
could better be done entirely in Lua.  I am solicitating comments and ideas on 

Attached are three files (not very elaborate code, just meant as proof of 
concept): i18n.lua, a "library" that translates messages, and, 
two sample message catalogs for german and french.

So far it can translate messages and change the order of parameters.  Is that 

- Marc Balmer

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