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Re: Sysinst support for installing source sets

In article <>,
Andreas Gustafsson  <> wrote:
>I have a patch to sysinst which adds the ability to install source
>sets, and I'm wondering if I should commit it.
>The main reason I wrote this was to make it easy for anita
>( to include the source sets in
>automated installs, to facilitate source-level debugging of any
>failing automated tests, but I think it would also be useful to human
>users, and it would fix half of an ancient open PR, install/9582
>There are two user-visible changes.  First, if you choose "Custom
>installation", you will see an additional group called "Source sets"
>similar to the existing group of "X11 sets", and have the option of
>enabling all or part of it.  Choosing "Full installation" still only
>does a full binary installation, so that that option still works with
>install ISOs that do not contain source sets.  It is possible to shoot
>yourself in the foot by explicitly asking to install the source sets
>from an ISO that does not have them, but I'm not sure if anything can
>be done about that without also removing the ability to install the
>source sets via FTP, and it's not like you can't already get into
>similar trouble with the X sets, too.
>Second, because source sets reside in a different directory than the
>binary sets both on install media and on FTP sites (as a result of
>being machine independent), sysinst now lets you enter a separate
>"Binary set directory" and "Source set directory" instead of just a
>"Set directory".  A default source set directory is provided and will
>be correct in the typical cases, such as installing by FTP from
> or from an ISO built using " iso-image-source".
>The patch contains English message strings for the new set names and
>prompts, and uneducated guesses at parts of the other translations,
>but some other translations are missing and will display the English
>text.  If you know German, French, Spanish, or Polish, please review
>the translations and send me any corrections or additions.
>The patch is available at:

I'd commit it. Looks straight-forward to me.


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