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Installation from USB stick

[This topic came up elsewhere, but realy is worth discussing here]

We seem to have all the tools and pieces to provide an easy to use install
from USB stick but no instructions in the release notes - I wonder what
way of installation people do prefer, and what tools we could optimize
to make the experience as smooth as possible.

I thought that just rawrite32 the CD ISO image to a USB stick should be
enough, but have never tested that (besides rawrite32 could use some
optimizations for large images, but that is another story).

I have successfully created a bootable install USB stick from NetBSD by 
just newfs'ing it, using isntallboot and copying the install kernel there
(in current this would include the necessary modules). But this would be
a bit complicated for someone trying NetBSD the first time.

So: what is the easiest way?


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