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lvm sysinst patch

Hi folks,

I have done some initial work on integration of our LVM into the sysinst look at attached patch. I think that best way how to add support for LVM to sysinst is add new entry to Utility menu which will execute lvm in a shell mode. User can then set up his LV disks, create Physical Volumes and Volume Groups. We will need /sbin/lvm binary on install disk and dm driver in installation kernel. After exit from lvm shell user can choose created logical disks and install e.g. /usr on them except / (we do not support / on the Logical Volume).

I found that sysinst doesn't detect LV's properly because DISK_NAMES value doesn't match them. We should probably find way how to get list of all disk devices with out hardcoding their name in sysinst code, because LV can have user defined name. LV's are place in this directory structure /dev/{volume_group_name}/{lv_name}.

I really appreciate to hear any feedback from you, even about our new sysinst implementation.

Any comments ?

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