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Re: etcupdate and postinstall: make "-s src" compulsory

On Thu, 20 Dec 2007, Alan Barrett wrote:
> etcupdate and postinstall both behave, by default, as if "-s /usr/src"
> was specified.  I believe that this is not useful, because:
>   * many people keep their sources elsewhere than /usr/src;
>   * etcupdate, when given a source directory, attempts to run "make
>     distribution" in ${SRCDIR}/etc, and this often fails.  Fixing the
>     make failures is non trivial, and I really don't care about fixing
>     them because I always recommend that people should use "etcupdate -s
>     etc.tgz".
> So, I'd like to make it an error to run postinstall or etcupdate without
> giving a "-s" arg.  People can still use "-s /usr/src" to get the
> existing (IMHO broken) behaviour.

There were no objections to that suggestion, so I'd like to implement it

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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