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install directions in NetBSD book

Six months ago I started from scratch writing a book about NetBSD. It is a 
around 140 pages. The goal is not to be too technical or overly in-depth, 
but useful for someone to quickly get started with NetBSD. 200 pages max 
is probably my goal length.

Anyways, I haven't had chance to work on it much and now I am having 
problems documenting both 4.0 and upcoming 5.0 installer.

I think I will just make the book open source but haven't started a 
project for that yet.

The PDF of the book just up to the installation chapter and the LaTeX 
source for that chapter are here:

You will see that I have many TODO listed through out this chapter.

I think the installation chapter is becoming too indepth -- but I want to 
at least make it so if someone has questions that they are answered in the 
book. Maybe I am trying to cover sysinst too much.

I have many, many screenshots from different platforms and 4.0 and some 
-current -- but the book doesn't included them all. I am thinking that 25+ 
screenshots showing every possible screen is too much.

Any comments, advice, answers, and/or diffs would be appreciated.

I haven't really looked at the NetBSD Guide in probably over five years so 
I don't know how it compares.

If you want to see rest of book, let me know. (I have a bunch of cleanup 
to do...)

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