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Re: [GSOC 2008] update: install-tool

On Tue, Jul 15, 2008 at 4:28 PM, Klaus Heinz 
<> wrote:
> This sounds too complicated to me, better stick to one media, _maybe_ with
> several instances of the same kind in the case of fetching sets over
> the network (= mirror servers).
> IMO, a way to see what went wrong in a log file is far more important
> than making the program too clever.
> ciao
>     Klaus

Thanks for your input. I see what you are saying--there's no need to
make the thing read your mind. The main problem with it IMO is
representing it in the front end and the .conf file. It's not too hard
to implement in the back end at all really. I suppose this
functionality will be left to a later time, if at all.

Now, that is just the case for specifying multiple sources of the same
set. What's already there is the ability to grab different sets from
different places. This is an important functionality IMO. For example,
NetBSD could be distributed on CD as an installer with some custom
sets, and then a pointer to the official ftp for everything else. Or
the other way around, you can install from a standard CD and then grab
coolsets.tgz from Joe Blow's ftp site.


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