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Re: Sysinst GSOC project

> I like the simplicity of your format, though.  Having said that, I'm
> sure the XML bigots^Wadvocates will get on my case here.

It's nice to be occasionally confirmed in one's choices. :-)
In this case, focusing less on NetBSD and more on OpenSolaris. :-(

> Personally,
> I believe that XML could be an option some other time, but that SoC
> projects are time-limited, and so that's not an option here.  In
> addition, having to hand edit XML isn't the end of the world, but it
> is also highly undesirable, and certainly not something that one
> should have to admit to doing in public.

I enjoy producing well-crafted XML.  If this means manual edits with
good tools like Emacs, why not?  XML is a verbose format, so why
not employ verbosity for documentation purposes?

> So please, folks on tech-install, mail me the stuff about XML, so
> Zach can stay focussed on his project, which is definitely useful
> and highly desirable for NetBSD.

OK, will do.  Let's keep the lid on the stew.

Cheers -- Volker
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