Subject: Re: Create bootable kernel-only ISOs in addition to *.fs floppy
To: None <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: tech-install
Date: 05/09/2006 12:38:51
my test-compile ( release) of i386 and amd64 over night worked, 
and in addition to the *.fs files it creates *.iso files now:

 	% ls releasedir/i386/installation/floppy/
 	BSDSUM          boot-big.fs     boot-ps2-2.fs   boot2.fs        rescue-tiny.fs
 	CKSUM           boot-com1.fs    boot-small1.fs  boot3.fs
 	MD5             boot-com2.fs    boot-small2.fs  bootlap-big.fs
 	SHA512          boot-com3.fs    boot-tiny.fs    bootlap1.fs
 	SYSVSUM         boot-ps2-1.fs   boot1.fs        bootlap2.fs

 	% ls releasedir/i386/installation/cdrom/
 	BSDSUM          MD5             SYSVSUM         boot-laptop.iso boot-tiny.iso
 	CKSUM           SHA512          boot-com.iso    boot-ps2.iso    boot.iso

 	% ls releasedir/amd64/installation/floppy
 	BSDSUM       MD5          SYSVSUM      boot-com1.fs boot1.fs
 	CKSUM        SHA512       boot-big.fs  boot-com2.fs boot2.fs

 	% ls releasedir/amd64/installation/cdrom
 	BSDSUM       MD5          SYSVSUM      boot.iso
 	CKSUM        SHA512       boot-com.iso

I've tested all images in qemu{,-system-x86_64}, and they work as 

  - Hubert