Subject: Re: Summer of Code: LiveCD Installer
To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
From: Jon Voris <>
List: tech-install
Date: 05/02/2006 00:02:40
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Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> DragonFly OS's installer is via its Live CD.
> You may want to look at the project instead of=20
> NetBSD's sysinst.
> It make it easy for different frontends, such as for X11.
>  =20
Thank you for letting me know about these. BSD Installer looks like it
could definitely be of help with the installation utility.
> The official LiveCD with installer is important.
> Part of the project should include what is important and required=20
> for the LiveCD itself.
>  =20
I see what you mean. Originally I thought that the focus of the project
should be to create an installer that was better suited for LiveCD
inclusion, but now I see that the real deliverable is to create a
definitive NetBSD LiveCD. The installer remains important, but the much
of the challenge lies in determining what should be included in the CD
and the best way to configure it. I'll look at your suggestions in more
depth and include them in my proposal.

Jon Voris

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