Subject: Re: Summer of Code: LiveCD Installer
To: Jon Voris <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-install
Date: 05/01/2006 09:52:10
On Sun, 30 Apr 2006, Jon Voris wrote:

> AFAIK, Knoppix is the only platform that provides an install option with 
> its LiveCD, and even this is very young (I checked the version on 
> Knoppix 4.0; it's v0.3.19.13 with a heavy development warning).

DragonFly OS's installer is via its Live CD.

You may want to look at the project instead of 
NetBSD's sysinst.

It make it easy for different frontends, such as for X11.

Just adding existing sysinst to a LiveCD is easy. And basically all that 
would be needed is to include the base sets (the tarballs) to the CD and 
the sysinst executable. Doing this could be done in just a couple days at 
the most.

So sysinst could/should be included on LiveCd also even if not used as the 
default installer.

The official LiveCD with installer is important.

Part of the project should include what is important and required 
for the LiveCD itself.

Maybe you can include as part of your work on the proposed project to 
research the various NetBSD live CDs and also other LiveCDs and then 
working with your mentors (and this list) decide:

- what software is required? For demos? Rescue/emergency? Networking? X11?

- what pre-configurations are required?

- what are goals of the LiveCD? [1]

- can the pkgsrc sysutils/mklivecd be used to do this? Or what is the best 
way for framework?

 Jeremy C. Reed

[1] My LiveCds from a few years ago, could be used as emergency 
webservers, DNS servers, firewalls/NAT gateways. They included IPv6 
tunneling code, several network auditing tools. And a generic X 
configuration, window manager with predefined menus, and some useful demos 
under X11. I can provide the list of software.