Subject: upgrading openssl - LD_LIBRARY_PATH / LIBPATH
To: Help NetBSD <>
From: Robert Cates <>
List: tech-install
Date: 07/10/2005 03:28:18

I've successfully upgraded my openssl to 0.9.7f from pkgsrc, but when I 
upgrade my php-openssl and ap-ssl packages (also from pkgsrc and also 
successful), and stop/start my apache server it still shows the original 
openssl 0.9.7d is being used.

The openssl 0.9.7f was of course installed in /usr/pkg, and I saw the 
message about setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH and LIBPATH and something about using 
libtool, which I set and tried a new build but it did not change anything.

Can you please tell me what I need to do to upgrade my ap-ssl and 
php-openssl packages to use the new openssl 0.9.7f install?

Thanks much!