Subject: Re: i386-Can't boot NetBSD with large MEMORY_DISK_ROOT_SIZE
To: Pilipovic Josip <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: tech-install
Date: 06/29/2004 17:06:39
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On Tue, Jun 29, 2004 at 07:03:14PM -0400, Pilipovic  Josip wrote:
> I have built kernel with following options
> options         MEMORY_DISK_HOOKS
> options         MEMORY_DISK_IS_ROOT    =20
> options         MEMORY_DISK_SERVER=3D1  =20
> # 4M memory disk, in blocks
> options         MEMORY_DISK_ROOT_SIZE=3D16384      # 8M memory disk, in b=
> options         MEMORY_RBFLAGS=3D0=20
> The boot process stops after some address display and PC reboots. If I ch=
> options     MEMORY_DISK_ROOT_SIZE=3D8192 4M
> ram disk kernel boots OK. Secondary boot is filing on pread() system call.
> This problem don't exist on PPC. Is there any work aroud  this problem for
> i385. Any hint!!! =20

Note: since you're still in the booter, pread() isn't a system call. At=20
least not in the same sense as after boot.

My first guess is that something about how the kernel gets loaded means=20
you try to write memory that's not there for boot when you get things too=

The reason you don't see this on PPC is that things at this stage are very=
machine-dependant. Note that in the past certain MacPPC systems would have=
an issue with too-big a kernel. Right now MacPPC has "too big" at 13 MB=20

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