Subject: Re: raid support in i386 INSTALL kernel & sysinst disk list
To: Tracy Di Marco White <>
From: Gavan Fantom <>
List: tech-install
Date: 04/28/2004 14:07:16
On Tue, 27 Apr 2004, Tracy Di Marco White wrote:

> I'd like to add raid support in the i386 INSTALL kernel, and to
> the disk list sysinst presents for installing onto.
> (I've got these changes on ISOs I use at work, with raidctl also
> on them, so that the raid can be configured, then the normal
> sysinst things everyone is used to can be used instead of having
> to do the install by hand.)
> The diffs are against 2.0_BETA, and are fairly small, any thoughts?

It's about time RAID became an install option.

How much does this grow the install floppies?

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