Subject: Re: Bug in sysinst (1.6.1/i386 boot cd)
To: <>
From: David Laight <>
List: tech-install
Date: 07/26/2003 16:54:11
> After the inital questions of bootloader and geometry, sysinst
> asked me if I wanted to use the whole disk or only part of it. As
> the disk is already partitioned, I selected "Part". sysinst
> dutifully selected the right partition, tried to parse the FBSD
> disklabel and... segfaulted. 
> I didn't expect it to reuse the label (which is incompatible, I
> guess), but instead of just throwing a core, it probably should
> just have zapped it.

Can you try with a (recent) snapshot of 'current' ?
(or can you send me a freebsd label?)

> So I used my rescue disk, zeroed the first few blocks of the
> partition using dd and restarted the installtion. Everything went
> fine.

You could have (probably) have done that from the netbsd install CD
(could be more exciting if it doesn't have dd though!).

> Because of the utter obscurity, this probably should be fixed or
> at least mentioned in the install docs.

Should be fixed :-(


David Laight: