Subject: suggested main menu
To: NetBSD install list <>
From: William Allen Simpson <>
List: tech-install
Date: 07/04/2003 07:32:39
I'd like:
  A) disk preparation
  B) network configuration
  C) file installation
  D) start new system (reboot)
  u) utilities
  x) exit (to shell)

Although sysinst (supposedly) having selected C) install without A) or 
B) will bring up the A and B menus, it makes sense to me to have them 
in the order they will be needed.  

Gives the user a chance to try different disk layouts, and go back and 
try again (without rebooting, as it must now).  Makes it easier to 
document, too!

Note there is no need for update.  Install should always check whether 
there is an existing disk and network that can be used, and prompt the 
user to confirm.  Simpler!

Note that this means there's no need to ask whether to install more 
sets, the user can always just ask for more by selecting C.
William Allen Simpson
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