Subject: Re: default postfix versus sendmail (was: afterboot)
To: William Allen Simpson <>
From: Perry E. Metzger <>
List: tech-install
Date: 06/26/2003 15:50:25
William Allen Simpson <> writes:
> This sounds like a "policy" decision needs to be made, and then the 
> installer fixed.

Which policy decision do you mean?

> > Dunno enough about sendmail to know exactly what you need in order to
> > do local mail properly. I used to but it has been too many years since
> > I switched to postfix. However, I think I may have heard that these
> > days sendmail works with a split submission agent and daemon for
> > security, and that would imply that you can't use sendmail locally any
> > more without running some sort of daemon. I may be wrong on this
> > though.
> > 
> yes.  I found the wayward undelivered files in /var/spool/clientmqueue.
> I see that postfix and sendmail are both in etc/defaults/rc.conf.

Well, we have both mailers installed. The user gets to pick what they
want (although things come with sendmail more nearly configured than

> I've never used postfix, but have heard good things.
>  Q1: Should install default to postfix?

I would say so, but I'm not going to push for that because it would be
a very controversial move.

>  Q2: Is there a reasonable postfix configuration that sends out (to 
>      handle the recommended sending of send-pr and such), sends to 
>      localhost (to handle daily and such), and does not receive from 
>      outside mail (to prevent being a relay box by default)?

Postfix is trivially configured to send mail out but not allow it
in. Simply comment out the smtp service in when you're
configuring things and it won't listen to the network, only send.

Dunno how to do that with sendmail -- I'd hope it was possible but I
don't know.

Perry E. Metzger