Subject: Re: afterboot says mail working, but not true!
To: William Allen Simpson <>
From: Perry E. Metzger <>
List: tech-install
Date: 06/26/2003 11:17:46
William Allen Simpson <> writes:
> man afterboot, amazingly installed in -current but says NetBSD 2.0, 

It just says that it first appeared in 2.0, which is true -- 2.0 will
be the next release. -current doesn't count for purposes of the
HISTORY section. As you might expect, for the 2.0 release to have man
pages saying "this feature appeared in 2.0", we have to add that text
in -current so that it will be there for the release.

> specifically references:
>   "<hostname> daily insecurity output."
> On a clean install, this isn't showing up!

Happens for me, and if you look, /usr/src/etc/crontab is indeed
running "daily", and daily does indeed run the security script. Maybe
it is the fact that your mail is broken that is causing you not to see

> man afterboot says:
>   "NetBSD ships with a default /etc/mail/ file that will work 
>   for simple installations;"
> Nope, not working.  Spool files show:

Are you sure you have sendmail running right in addition? The .cf file
might be sufficient for your needs but you still need to set up your
rc.conf file correctly to make sendmail run etc.