Subject: Re: more syspkg patches
To: None <>
From: David Young <>
List: tech-install
Date: 06/16/2003 00:28:45
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On Mon, Jun 16, 2003 at 12:26:43AM -0500, David Young wrote:
>   I have also written a script which computes naive package ...

Once more, this time with scripts attached. =)


David Young             OJC Technologies      Urbana, IL * (217) 278-3933

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# culldeps
# Filter redundant dependencies.
# Emit all the dependencies on the standard input to the standard
# output EXCEPT the dependencies which can be derived from other
# dependencies by the transitive rule. For example, omit both A C
# and A D from
# 	A B
# 	B C
# 	C D
# 	A C
# 	A D
# because A C can be derived from A B and B C by transitivity,
# and A D can be derived from A B, B C, C D by transitivity.

SCRATCH=$(mktemp -d /var/tmp/$0.XXXXXX)
TAB="	"

sort -k 1 > $LASTJOIN


while [ $(wc -l $LASTJOIN | awk '{ print $1; }') -ne 0 ]; do

	# From dependencies X-requires-Y in $LEFTOVERS and Y-requires-Z in
	# $LASTJOIN, produce dependencies X-requires-Z and write them to
	sort -k 2 < $LEFTOVERS | join -1 2 -2 1 -o '1.1 2.2' - $LASTJOIN | \
	    sort -u > $NEXTJOIN
	if [ ${DEBUG:-0} -gt 0 ]; then
		echo "### filtered ###" 1>&2
		join -t "$TAB" $NEXTJOIN $LEFTOVERS | sort 1>&2
		echo "###" 1>&2

	# Filter out of $LEFTOVERS all of the dependencies X-requires-Z, which
	# were produced in the previous step. Write the new leftovers to
	join -v 2 -t "$TAB" $NEXTJOIN $LEFTOVERS | sort -u > $NEXTLEFTOVERS

	# Swap output files before repeating. 
	if [ $(basename $NEXTJOIN) = join0 ]; then
	if [ $(basename $NEXTLEFTOVERS) = leftovers0 ]; then

# Output all of the dependencies that were not culled and clean up.
rm -r $SCRATCH

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=syspkgdeps

# syspkgdeps [-a arch] [-m machine] [-s setsdir] [-p prefix] sets
# Compute naive package dependencies based on file & directory
# nesting. E.g., if pkg P contains /foo/bar and Q contains /foo,
# then Q is considered a dependency of P.

#set -u

DB="db -q"

# set defaults and import setlist subroutines
. ./sets.subr

usage() {
exec 1>&2

echo "Usage: $0 [-a arch] [-m machine] [-s setsdir] [-p prefix] sets"
echo "	-a arch		set arch (e.g, m68k, mips, powerpc)	[$machine_arch]"
echo "	-m machine	set machine (e.g, amiga, i386, macppc)	[$machine]"
echo "	-s setsdir	directory to find sets			[$setd]"
echo "	-p prefix	prefix for created plist		[$prefix]"
echo "	sets		sets to find dependencies for"

exit 1

# parse arguments
while : ; do
	case $1 in
		machine_arch=`MACHINE_ARCH=${2} ${make} print_machine_arch`
		machine_cpu=`MACHINE_ARCH=${2} ${make} print_machine_cpu`
		machine=$2; shift
		setd=$2; shift
		prefix=$2; shift
if [ $# -lt 1 ]; then


if [ "$object_fmt" = "ELF" ]; then

# Turn off shlibs for some ports.
if [ "$machine_cpu" = "sh3" -o "$machine_arch" = "m68000" ]; then

# Turn off LKMs for some ports.
if [ "$machine" = "evbppc" ]; then

# Turn off lintlibs for some ports.
# Not needed anymore, leave the hook here for future use.

# TBD clean up
SCRATCH=$(mktemp -d /var/tmp/$(basename $0).XXXXXX)

[ $? -ne 0 ] && { echo "Could not create scratch directory." 1>&2 ; exit 1 ; }


echo "indexing packages by pathnames" 1>&2

list_set_files $sets | sed 's/^\.\///' | \
env PREFIX=$prefix awk '{
	if ($1 == ".") {
		print ENVIRON["PREFIX"] " " $2;
	} else {
		print ENVIRON["PREFIX"] $1 " " $2;
}' | sort -k 1 -u > $PATH_MEMBERSHIP

$DB -w -f - btree $PATH_TO_PKGNAME < $PATH_MEMBERSHIP || echo "shit" 1>&2

echo "computing parent pathnames" 1>&2

while read pathname pkgname; do
	# print parent pathname
	dirname $pathname

echo "selecting parent packages using parent pathnames" 1>&2

	paste $PATH_MEMBERSHIP - | \
	awk '{ if ($2 != $4) print $2 " " $4; }' | sort -u | ./culldeps

if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
	echo "error in parent-directory lookup, aborting" 1>&2
	exit 1

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=deps

base-adosfs-root base-sys-root
base-amd-bin base-sys-usr
base-amd-examples base-sys-share
base-amd-shlib base-sys-usr
base-audio-bin base-sys-usr
base-bind-bin base-sys-usr
base-bind-examples base-sys-share
base-bind-root base-sys-root
base-bootserver-bin base-sys-usr
base-c-bin base-sys-usr
base-c-usr base-sys-usr
base-calendar-bin base-sys-usr
base-calendar-share base-sys-share
base-cron-bin base-sys-usr
base-cron-root base-sys-root
base-crypto-bin base-sys-usr
base-crypto-examples base-sys-share
base-crypto-root base-sys-root
base-crypto-shlib base-sys-usr
base-cxx-usr base-c-usr
base-debug-bin base-sys-usr
base-dhclient-root base-sys-root
base-dhcpd-bin base-sys-share
base-dhcpd-bin base-sys-usr
base-dhcpd-examples base-sys-share
base-ext2fs-root base-sys-root
base-filecorefs-root base-sys-root
base-fstab-examples base-sys-share
base-games-root base-sys-root
base-games-share base-sys-share
base-games-usr base-sys-root
base-gnats-bin base-sys-usr
base-gnats-share base-sys-share
base-groff-font base-sys-share
base-groff-share base-sys-share
base-hesiod-bin base-sys-usr
base-htmldoc-share base-sys-share
base-i18n-root base-sys-usr
base-i18n-shlib base-i18n-root
base-ipf-lkm base-sys-usr
base-isdn-bin base-sys-usr
base-isdn-examples base-sys-share
base-krb4-root base-sys-root
base-krb4-shlib base-sys-usr
base-krb5-bin base-sys-usr
base-krb5-examples base-sys-share
base-krb5-root base-sys-root
base-krb5-shlib base-sys-usr
base-locale-Pig base-locale-share
base-locale-bin base-sys-usr
base-locale-ca base-locale-share
base-locale-cs base-locale-share
base-locale-da base-locale-share
base-locale-de base-locale-share
base-locale-el base-locale-share
base-locale-en base-locale-share
base-locale-eo base-locale-share
base-locale-es base-locale-share
base-locale-et base-locale-share
base-locale-fi base-locale-share
base-locale-fr base-locale-share
base-locale-gl base-locale-share
base-locale-he base-locale-share
base-locale-hr base-locale-share
base-locale-hu base-locale-share
base-locale-id base-locale-share
base-locale-is base-locale-share
base-locale-it base-locale-share
base-locale-ja base-locale-share
base-locale-ko base-locale-share
base-locale-lt base-locale-share
base-locale-nl base-locale-share
base-locale-no base-locale-share
base-locale-pl base-locale-share
base-locale-pt base-locale-share
base-locale-ru base-locale-share
base-locale-share base-sys-share
base-locale-sk base-locale-share
base-locale-sl base-locale-share
base-locale-sv base-locale-share
base-locale-tr base-locale-share
base-locale-uk base-locale-share
base-locale-zh base-locale-share
base-lpr-bin base-lpr-usr
base-lpr-root base-sys-root
base-lpr-usr base-sys-usr
base-magic-share base-groff-share
base-mail-bin base-sys-usr
base-mail-root base-sys-root
base-mailwrapper-bin base-sys-usr
base-man-bin base-sys-usr
base-man-share base-sys-share
base-miscfs-examples base-sys-share
base-miscfs-root base-sys-root
base-net-shlib base-sys-usr
base-netutil-bin base-sys-usr
base-netutil-examples base-sys-share
base-netutil-root base-sys-root
base-nfsclient-bin base-sys-usr
base-nfsclient-root base-sys-root
base-nfsserver-bin base-sys-usr
base-nis-bin base-sys-usr
base-nis-root base-sys-root
base-ntfs-root base-sys-root
base-ntp-bin base-sys-usr
base-ntp-root base-sys-root
base-objc-usr base-c-usr
base-pkgutil-bin base-sys-usr
base-postfix-bin base-postfix-usr
base-postfix-examples base-sys-share
base-postfix-root base-sys-root
base-postfix-usr base-sys-usr
base-ppp-bin base-sys-usr
base-ppp-lkm base-sys-usr
base-psd-share base-sys-share
base-rcs-bin base-sys-usr
base-reference-share base-groff-share
base-rescue-root base-sys-root
base-router-bin base-sys-usr
base-router-examples base-sys-share
base-router-root base-sys-root
base-secsh-bin base-sys-usr
base-sendmail-bin base-sys-usr
base-sendmail-root base-sys-root
base-sendmail-usr base-sys-usr
base-slip-bin base-sys-usr
base-slip-root base-sys-root
base-smbfs-root base-sys-root
base-smm-share base-sys-share
base-sup-bin base-sys-usr
base-sup-examples base-sys-share
base-sushi-bin base-sys-usr
base-sushi-share base-sys-share
base-sushi_locale-share base-locale-share
base-sys-examples base-sys-share
base-sys-share base-sys-root
base-sys-shlib base-sys-usr
base-sys-usr base-sys-root
base-sysutil-bin base-sys-usr
base-sysutil-examples base-sys-share
base-sysutil-root base-sys-root
base-termcap-share base-groff-share
base-texinfo-bin base-sys-usr
base-texinfo-share base-sys-share
base-texinfo_locale-cs base-locale-cs
base-texinfo_locale-da base-locale-da
base-texinfo_locale-de base-locale-de
base-texinfo_locale-eo base-locale-eo
base-texinfo_locale-fr base-locale-fr
base-texinfo_locale-he base-locale-he
base-texinfo_locale-hr base-locale-hr
base-texinfo_locale-ja base-locale-ja
base-texinfo_locale-nl base-locale-nl
base-texinfo_locale-no base-locale-no
base-texinfo_locale-ru base-locale-ru
base-texinfo_locale-sv base-locale-sv
base-texinfo_locale-tr base-locale-tr
base-texinfo_locale-zh base-locale-zh
base-timed-bin base-sys-usr
base-tn3270-bin base-sys-usr
base-usd-share base-sys-share
base-util-bin base-sys-usr
base-util-root base-sys-root
base-util-share base-sys-share
base-util_locale-cs base-locale-cs
base-util_locale-de base-locale-de
base-util_locale-el base-locale-el
base-util_locale-eo base-locale-eo
base-util_locale-es base-locale-es
base-util_locale-et base-locale-et
base-util_locale-fr base-locale-fr
base-util_locale-gl base-locale-gl
base-util_locale-hr base-locale-hr
base-util_locale-id base-locale-id
base-util_locale-it base-locale-it
base-util_locale-ja base-locale-ja
base-util_locale-sv base-locale-sv
base-uucp-bin base-sys-usr
base-uucp-root base-sys-root
base-vfs-lkm base-sys-usr
comp-c-bin base-sys-usr
comp-c-catman base-man-share
comp-c-include base-objc-usr
comp-c-lib base-sys-usr
comp-c-lintlib base-c-usr
comp-c-man base-man-share
comp-c-piclib base-sys-usr
comp-c-proflib base-sys-usr
comp-c-root base-sys-root
comp-c-share base-groff-share
comp-c-shlib base-sys-usr
comp-c_locale-da base-locale-da
comp-c_locale-de base-locale-de
comp-c_locale-es base-locale-es
comp-c_locale-fr base-locale-fr
comp-c_locale-ko base-locale-ko
comp-c_locale-nl base-locale-nl
comp-c_locale-no base-locale-no
comp-c_locale-pl base-locale-pl
comp-c_locale-pt base-locale-pt
comp-c_locale-sl base-locale-sl
comp-c_locale-sv base-locale-sv
comp-cvs-bin base-sys-usr
comp-cvs-catman base-man-share
comp-cvs-man base-man-share
comp-cxx-bin base-sys-usr
comp-cxx-catman base-man-share
comp-cxx-include base-cxx-usr
comp-cxx-lib base-sys-usr
comp-cxx-man base-man-share
comp-cxx-piclib base-sys-usr
comp-cxx-proflib base-sys-usr
comp-debug-bin base-sys-usr
comp-debug-catman base-man-share
comp-debug-man base-man-share
comp-debug-sbin base-sys-usr
comp-fortran-bin base-sys-usr
comp-fortran-catman base-man-share
comp-fortran-lib base-sys-usr
comp-fortran-man base-man-share
comp-fortran-proflib base-sys-usr
comp-fortran-shlib base-sys-usr
comp-i18n-lib base-i18n-root
comp-krb4-catman base-man-share
comp-krb4-include base-c-usr
comp-krb4-lib base-sys-usr
comp-krb4-man base-man-share
comp-krb4-proflib base-sys-usr
comp-krb5-catman base-man-share
comp-krb5-include base-c-usr
comp-krb5-lib base-sys-usr
comp-krb5-man base-man-share
comp-krb5-proflib base-sys-usr
comp-krb5c-catman base-man-share
comp-objc-bin base-sys-usr
comp-objc-lib base-sys-usr
comp-objc-piclib base-sys-usr
comp-objc-proflib base-sys-usr
comp-sys-catman base-man-share
comp-sys-man base-man-share
comp-sysutil-catman base-man-share
comp-sysutil-man base-man-share
comp-sysutil-sbin base-sys-usr
comp-util-bin base-sys-usr
comp-util-catman base-man-share
comp-util-man base-man-share
comp-util-sbin base-sys-usr
comp-util-share base-groff-share
comp-util-share base-util-share
etc-amd-rc base-sys-root
etc-audio-rc base-sys-root
etc-bind-etc base-bind-root
etc-bind-rc base-sys-root
etc-bootserver-etc base-sys-root
etc-bootserver-rc base-sys-root
etc-cron-log base-sys-root
etc-cron-rc base-sys-root
etc-cron-root base-cron-root
etc-dhclient-rc base-sys-root
etc-dhcpd-rc base-sys-root
etc-games-etc base-sys-root
etc-games-scores base-games-root
etc-ipf-rc base-sys-root
etc-isdn-rc base-sys-root
etc-krb5-rc base-sys-root
etc-lpr-etc base-sys-root
etc-lpr-log base-sys-root
etc-lpr-rc base-sys-root
etc-mail-etc base-sys-root
etc-mailwrapper-etc base-sys-root
etc-man-etc base-sys-root
etc-net-etc base-sys-root
etc-net-rc base-sys-root
etc-netutil-etc base-sys-root
etc-netutil-log base-sys-root
etc-nfsserver-rc base-sys-root
etc-nis-rc base-sys-root
etc-nis-root base-nis-root
etc-ntp-etc base-sys-root
etc-ntp-rc base-sys-root
etc-postfix-etc base-postfix-bin
etc-postfix-rc base-sys-root
etc-ppp-rc base-sys-root
etc-root-root base-sys-root
etc-router-etc base-sys-root
etc-router-rc base-sys-root
etc-secsh-etc base-sys-root
etc-secsh-rc base-sys-root
etc-sendmail-etc base-sendmail-root
etc-sendmail-log base-sys-root
etc-sendmail-rc base-sys-root
etc-sys-defaults base-sys-root
etc-sys-etc base-sys-root
etc-sys-log base-sys-root
etc-sys-rc base-sys-root
etc-sys-root base-sys-root
etc-sysutil-etc base-sysutil-bin
etc-sysutil-log base-util-root
etc-sysutil-rc base-sys-root
etc-timed-rc base-sys-root
etc-util-etc base-sys-root
etc-uucp-etc base-sys-root
etc-uucp-log base-sys-root
etc-x11-rc base-sys-root
games-games-bin base-games-usr
games-games-catman base-man-share
games-games-man base-man-share
games-games-root base-games-root
games-games-share base-games-share
games-utils-bin base-games-usr
games-utils-catman base-man-share
games-utils-man base-man-share
games-utils-share base-games-share
man-adosfs-catman base-man-share
man-adosfs-man base-man-share
man-amd-catman base-man-share
man-amd-info base-texinfo-share
man-amd-man base-man-share
man-audio-catman base-man-share
man-audio-man base-man-share
man-bind-catman base-man-share
man-bind-man base-man-share
man-bootserver-catman base-man-share
man-bootserver-man base-man-share
man-c-catman base-man-share
man-c-info base-texinfo-share
man-c-man base-man-share
man-computil-info base-texinfo-share
man-cron-catman base-man-share
man-cron-man base-man-share
man-crypto-catman base-man-share
man-crypto-man base-man-share
man-cvs-info base-texinfo-share
man-cxx-info base-texinfo-share
man-debug-catman base-man-share
man-debug-info base-texinfo-share
man-debug-man base-man-share
man-dhclient-catman base-man-share
man-dhclient-man base-man-share
man-dhcpd-catman base-man-share
man-dhcpd-man base-man-share
man-ext2fs-catman base-man-share
man-ext2fs-man base-man-share
man-filecorefs-catman base-man-share
man-filecorefs-man base-man-share
man-fortran-info base-texinfo-share
man-games-catman base-man-share
man-games-man base-man-share
man-gnats-catman base-man-share
man-gnats-info base-texinfo-share
man-gnats-man base-man-share
man-groff-catman base-man-share
man-groff-man base-man-share
man-hesiod-catman base-man-share
man-hesiod-man base-man-share
man-info-share base-texinfo-share
man-ipf-catman base-man-share
man-ipf-man base-man-share
man-isdn-catman base-man-share
man-isdn-man base-man-share
man-krb4-info base-texinfo-share
man-krb5-catman base-man-share
man-krb5-info base-texinfo-share
man-krb5-man base-man-share
man-locale-catman base-man-share
man-locale-man base-man-share
man-lpr-catman base-man-share
man-lpr-man base-man-share
man-mail-catman base-man-share
man-mail-man base-man-share
man-mailwrapper-catman base-man-share
man-mailwrapper-man base-man-share
man-man-catman base-man-share
man-man-man base-man-share
man-miscfs-catman base-man-share
man-miscfs-man base-man-share
man-net-catman base-man-share
man-net-man base-man-share
man-netutil-catman base-man-share
man-netutil-man base-man-share
man-nfsclient-catman base-man-share
man-nfsclient-man base-man-share
man-nfsserver-catman base-man-share
man-nfsserver-man base-man-share
man-nis-catman base-man-share
man-nis-man base-man-share
man-ntfs-catman base-man-share
man-ntfs-man base-man-share
man-ntp-catman base-man-share
man-ntp-man base-man-share
man-pkgutil-catman base-man-share
man-pkgutil-man base-man-share
man-postfix-catman base-man-share
man-postfix-man base-man-share
man-ppp-catman base-man-share
man-ppp-man base-man-share
man-rc-catman base-man-share
man-rc-man base-man-share
man-rcs-catman base-man-share
man-rcs-man base-man-share
man-reference-catman base-man-share
man-reference-man base-man-share
man-router-catman base-man-share
man-router-man base-man-share
man-secsh-catman base-man-share
man-secsh-man base-man-share
man-sendmail-catman base-man-share
man-sendmail-man base-man-share
man-shlib-catman base-man-share
man-shlib-man base-man-share
man-slip-catman base-man-share
man-slip-man base-man-share
man-smbfs-catman base-man-share
man-smbfs-man base-man-share
man-sup-catman base-man-share
man-sup-man base-man-share
man-sushi-catman base-man-share
man-sushi-man base-man-share
man-sys-catman base-man-share
man-sys-info base-texinfo-share
man-sys-man base-man-share
man-sysutil-catman base-man-share
man-sysutil-man base-man-share
man-texinfo-catman base-man-share
man-texinfo-info base-texinfo-share
man-texinfo-man base-man-share
man-timed-catman base-man-share
man-timed-man base-man-share
man-tn3270-catman base-man-share
man-tn3270-man base-man-share
man-util-catman base-man-share
man-util-info base-texinfo-share
man-util-man base-man-share
man-uucp-catman base-man-share
man-uucp-info base-texinfo-share
man-uucp-man base-man-share
misc-amd-examples base-amd-examples
misc-amd-examples base-sys-examples
misc-bind-examples base-bind-examples
misc-crypto-examples base-crypto-examples
misc-dhcpd-examples base-dhcpd-examples
misc-isdn-examples base-isdn-examples
misc-krb5-examples base-krb5-examples
misc-netutil-examples base-netutil-examples
misc-ntp-htmldoc base-htmldoc-share
misc-postfix-examples base-postfix-examples
misc-postfix-htmldoc base-htmldoc-share
misc-psd-doc base-psd-share
misc-reference-share base-reference-share
misc-router-examples base-router-examples
misc-sendmail-share base-sys-share
misc-smm-doc base-smm-share
misc-sup-examples base-sup-examples
misc-sys-examples base-miscfs-examples
misc-sys-examples base-sys-examples
misc-sysutil-examples base-sysutil-examples
misc-usd-doc base-usd-share
misc-util-htmldoc base-htmldoc-share
text-groff-bin base-sys-usr
text-groff-catman base-man-share
text-groff-font base-groff-font
text-groff-man base-man-share
text-groff-share base-groff-share
text-texinfo-bin base-sys-usr
text-texinfo-share base-groff-share

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="sets.subr"

# list_set_files setname
# Produce a packing list for setname. Each record is a line
# consisting of a path and a System Package name, separated by
# whitespace. E.g.,
# ./bin/cp                base-util-root
# Environment
# 	setd
# 	machine
# 	machine_arch
# 	machine_cpu
# 	shlib
# 	stlib
# 	lkm
# 	lintlibs
# 	toolchain_missing
list_set_files () {
	for setname; do
		list_set_lists $setname
	done | xargs cat | grep -v '^#'

# list_set_lists setname
# Print to stdout a list of files, one filename per line, which
# concatenate to create the packing list for setname. E.g.,
# 	.../lists/base/mi
# 	.../lists/base/rescue.mi
# 	.../lists/base/md.i386
# 	.
# 	.
# 	.
# In each file, a record consists of a path and a System Package name,
# separated by whitespace. E.g.,
# 	# $NetBSD: mi,v 1.410 2003/05/11 19:01:27 ragge Exp $
# 	.			base-sys-root
# 	./altroot		base-sys-root
# 	./bin			base-sys-root
# 	./bin/[			base-util-root
# 	./bin/cat		base-util-root
# 	.
# 	.
# 	.
# A # in the first column marks a comment.
# Environment
# 	setd
# 	machine
# 	machine_arch
# 	machine_cpu
# 	shlib
# 	stlib
# 	lkm
# 	lintlibs
# 	toolchain_missing
list_set_lists () {

	echo $setd/lists/$setname/mi
	if [ "$machine" != "$machine_arch" ]; then
		# Prefer an ad.${machine_arch} over an ad.${machine_cpu},
		# since the arch-specific one will be more specific than
		# the cpu-specific one.
		if [ -f $setd/lists/$setname/ad.${machine_arch} ]; then
			echo $setd/lists/$setname/ad.${machine_arch}
		elif [ -f $setd/lists/$setname/ad.${machine_cpu} ]; then
			echo $setd/lists/$setname/ad.${machine_cpu}
		if [ "$shlib" != "no" -a \
		     -f $setd/lists/$setname/ad.${machine_cpu}.shl ]; then
			echo $setd/lists/$setname/ad.${machine_cpu}.shl
	if [ -f $setd/lists/$setname/md.${machine}.${machine_arch} ]; then
		echo $setd/lists/$setname/md.${machine}.${machine_arch}
	elif [ -f $setd/lists/$setname/md.${machine} ]; then
		echo $setd/lists/$setname/md.${machine}
	if [ -f $setd/lists/$setname/stl.mi ]; then
		echo $setd/lists/$setname/stl.mi
	if [ -f $setd/lists/$setname/stl.${stlib} ]; then
		echo $setd/lists/$setname/stl.${stlib}
	if [ "$shlib" != "no" ]; then
		if [ -f $setd/lists/$setname/shl.mi ]; then
			echo $setd/lists/$setname/shl.mi
		if [ -f $setd/lists/$setname/shl.${shlib} ]; then
			echo $setd/lists/$setname/shl.${shlib}
	if [ "$lkm" != "no" ]; then
		if [ -f $setd/lists/$setname/lkm.mi ]; then
			echo $setd/lists/$setname/lkm.mi
	if [ "$lintlibs" != no ]; then
		if [ -f $setd/lists/$setname/lint.mi ]; then
			echo $setd/lists/$setname/lint.mi
	if [ "$toolchain_missing" != "yes" ]; then
		if [ -f $setd/lists/$setname/tc.mi ]; then
			echo $setd/lists/$setname/tc.mi
		if [ "$shlib" != "no" ]; then
			if [ -f $setd/lists/$setname/tc.shl ]; then
				echo $setd/lists/$setname/tc.shl

	if [ -f $setd/lists/$setname/rescue.mi ]; then
		echo $setd/lists/$setname/rescue.mi
	if [ -f $setd/lists/$setname/rescue.${machine} ]; then
		echo $setd/lists/$setname/rescue.${machine}
	if [ "$machine" != "$machine_arch" ]; then
		# Prefer a${machine_arch} over a
		#${machine_cpu}, since the arch-
		# specific one will be more specific than the
		# cpu-specific one.
		if [ -f $setd/lists/$setname/${machine_arch} ]; then
			echo $setd/lists/$setname/${machine_arch}
		elif [ -f $setd/lists/$setname/${machine_cpu} ]; then
			echo $setd/lists/$setname/${machine_cpu}
		if [ "$shlib" != "no" -a -f \
		     $setd/lists/$setname/${machine_cpu}.shl ]; then
			echo $setd/lists/$setname/${machine_cpu}.shl