Subject: netbsd-1-6 sysinst notes
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-install
Date: 02/27/2003 11:02:48
Some of my notes from netbsd-1-6 sysinst from 200302230000 under i386. (I
don't have time right now to check futher on these, but think I should
comment before I forget.)

I chose "Full Install" and all appeared to work great no errors using FTP path pub/NetBSD-daily/netbsd-1-6/200302230000/i386.

1) But after boot, man pages for group(8) (and related), user(8) and related,
and pkg_add(1) were missing. Other man pages were available. I can't
remember all (and system is not up right now). (This may be an issue with
the packages I used; I have not checked.)

2) Chose DHCP, but it didn't set up my nameserver, so I said it was wrong
and so I I chose to not use DHCP when prompted again. I manually entered

After reboot, my /etc/rc.conf had the dhcp configs. Maybe the sysinst
should not keep dhcp flagged if not choosing it a second time.

3) It would be nice if the timezone choices allowed jumping through menu
by typing first letter of choices. This may be not be possible with
current menu though...

4) After you have been told that install is complete twice, it finally
takes you back to main "Welcome" menu. A flag should be set when the
installer thinks it is finished and place a note on that Welcome screen,
  "The installation step was successfully completed. You may reboot when

5) Also many choices default to "no". It would be nice to just install by
repeatedly pressing Enter :)

NetBSD's sysinst continues to be great (and getting better). I sure like
how I don't have to reboot to restart sysinst when I may have problems.

   Jeremy C. Reed