Subject: Re: Clean installation problems
To: <>
From: David Laight <>
List: tech-install
Date: 02/07/2003 18:46:25
> Running MAKEDEV is one of the last things that happens, so it isn't
> surprising.

I cant remember the actual question I was asked, but it did look
like something that was 'optional'.

I would have thought it ought to be done earlier - too make it hard
to miss.

I'll run that install again to check, I though't I'd said 'don't
install X' ('cos I didn't build the it) but it failed on 4 x sets.

Some systems would also install faster off uncompressed archives.
I'm sure there is space on the CD, the iso images are probably
compressed on the ftp server - so they won't take any longer to

> The mfs /dev/ hack was designed to allow booting on FAT file systems
> and other systems where there is no ability to build device nodes --
> it isn't really intended that people run into this ordinarily...

Maybe, but I've got two installations (the other one is for a diskless
system where I had to fill /etc by hand because 'postinstall' left
it largely empty) that have ended up running with it.


David Laight: