Subject: Clean installation problems
To: None <>
From: David Laight <>
List: tech-install
Date: 02/07/2003 08:46:10
I've just done a clean, default, install and found a few little problems
that would certainly put off a naive user.

Everything went swimmingly until I rebooted of the hard disk.
At this point we find:

1) init has to create a mfs /dev because /dev/console is absent.
   There are two problems:
   a) There are chgrp and chown calls in MAKEDEV, but these program
      are in /usr/sbin so are not available.
   b) It is impossible to unmount /dev in order to run MAKEDEV in the
      root filesystem itself.  The filesystem is always busy.

2) Because /etc/rc.conf still contains 'rc_configured=NO' the system
   immediately drops into single user mode.
   At this point you have problems because:
   a) /usr isn't mounted so the useful programs are absent
   b) / is still readonly so you can't modify any files and no one
      can make any temporary files
   c) TERM is unset so editors like 'vi' wont work.
   d) On some systems (eg sparc) stty rows and columns are both zero.
      So if your TERM type is one that expects a variable sized screen
      (eg xterm froma serial console) then you can't run vi (etc).


David Laight: